do I need content marketing?

content marketing is a valuable tool for attracting and engaging an audience. A good content marketer can produce content that is relevant to your target audience, providing valuable information and promotional information.

content marketing and communication

your customers live in a world in which they are inundated on a daily basis with information. By some estimates, the average consumer faces a barrage of nearly 3,000 marketing ads every day. It is no surprise that people quit paying attention to these messages. This, of course, makes it harder to reach them.

rise above with content marketing

thus the value of a well-done content marketing campaign. It will carry your brand to the forefront of this glut of advertisements, and provide a dynamic opportunity for communication with customers within your target group. This campaign may begin with a blanket email, a promoted ad on Facebook, a Tweet, or even from “freebies” you give to foot traffic at a trade show. Your campaign may get its needed boost from a new addition to your website. It can become the impetus that helps your employees close a sale.

steps to better content marketing

your content marketing can take many forms, obviously. However, there are certain steps you can take to improve your marketing.

engage customers on their terms. By understanding your customer base, you can maximize their interests in your products and services. Meet them where they are and show them how your goods and services can fulfill a particular need you have identified.

track buying patterns. Your customers will purchase according to seasons, hobbies, sporting events, special occasions, and may other reasons. Your POS system often offers customer purchase tracking that allows you to notice trends.

content marketing tells the customer’s story. Customers upgrade equipment, add or subtract family members, change jobs or houses, move frequently, and basically evolve in their buying patterns. Create marketing that speaks to your target group in these ways.

fit it to your media. Whatever content market campaign you plan, make sure it fits with the media you will use for promotion, whether that is email, social media, website. If it will be used in all of them, make sure it converts well.

include a call-to-action. A call to action is crucial in any marketing campaign, as it engages the customer and creates better rankings with the internet.

determine measurable results. What do you want to accomplish with your campaign? Create a rubric which will outline success and help identify failure.

make it efficient, but excellent. As you work to create a campaign, maintain the highest quality you can afford. Don’t cut corners.

benefits of a marketing campaign

in the “old days,” advertisement was expensive. Business owners had to rent space in newspapers, radio ads, and websites, or buy third party email lists. With your own content marketing, you publish your own ads directly to your customer base. You can build audiences, rather than “renting” audiences dedicated to someone else. There are other benefits to your campaign.

you develop brand awareness, carving out your own niche. By making your brand known on social media, your customers know where to find you. Estimates are that over 90% of all purchases start with an online search.

your online presence is crucial for grabbing your part of this market. Marketing online, with calls to action, improve your internet ranking, bringing customers at a sometimes exponential rate.

you build customer loyalty. Your marketing campaign will show customers how your product or service is superior to the competition. You create your own loyalty program because your customers have entered into a relationship with your brand.

content marketing engenders a long-lasting relationship, lowering the cost of advertisement. In the social media climate, people share and re-tweet content they like or find useful. Today’s consumers tend to trust content from internet “friends” more than they trust more traditional means of advertisement.

Francis has extensive experience in working on complex digital marketing strategies for ecommerce, B2B, communities, and more encompassing all digital marketing channels.

Francis Mac Aonghus